What is ChurchSuite?

ChurchSuite allows people to manage their own personal details and keep them up to date, sign-up for events, join small groups, keep on top of the rotas they’re serving on and much more! Parents can even manage their children's personal details. The church uses this software to manage the day to day needs of the business.

Why ChurchSuite?

We recognize that technology can be used to support the vision of the church and the discipleship journey an individual takes within the church. We want to be a church that communicates more effectively and in a convenient and timely manner. It will help us organize workers, create and manage appropriate life groups, event bookings, and much more.

Are My Details Secure?

Yes. Your information is held on the ChurchSuite servers hosted in the UK and provisioned under the GDPR regulations set out in law. As a user of the system, you are in complete control of your information held within the ChurchSuite system. You can change your communication and privacy settings within the My ChurchSuite app or by clicking the page above.

Who Can See My Details?

With respect to the Somerville Baptist Church Address List, members of the church can search for other adults names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers within the system (You set and control which information is visible or invisible via your privacy settings).

Can My Children's Details Be Seen?

Parents are expected to maintain and manage the data of their children. Children under 18 are not searchable or visible to anyone within the My ChurchSuite app or online. Sunday School leaders may take a register of children attending and can see which children are assigned to their groups and any pertinent medical information that you as a parent make available through the system. The administrative staff are the only ones that can view the full record of information within the system, including children’s data.

What If I Don't Have An Email Address?

Login to ChurchSuite requires an email address and a password that is set when the church member first receives the invitation to login. Those without an email address will not be able to use My ChurchSuite. We will always continue to cater for those who don’t or can’t “do” technology. ChurchSuite is designed to be an engagement tool to supplement and streamline what we already do; it’s not meant to be a replacement. If you do not have a smartphone, or tablet, you will not be able to use the My ChurchSuite application, but you will be able to use ChurchSuite from the website linked above on your computer.

If you are unsure if your currently registered email address is correct, please verify your information using the form below.

What If We Only Have A Shared Email Address?

Families who share an email address can still use My ChurchSuite. Each family member is sent a My ChurchSuite email invitation from their contact profile page in the usual way. The email is personalized with a unique login link so that each family member can set their own personal password. In this way My ChurchSuite can correctly identify which family member is logging in.

Verify Your Account Information

If you are unsure that we have your latest information, please fill out the form below and we will verify it for you.

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